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but you love me anyway.

I am about to conduct a wicked social experiment.
I'm going to post blatant sexual ads on craigslist, and see what comes back. But not just any blatant sexual ads- I'm going to spend a certain amount of time on each category- w4m, m4w, w4w, m4m, t4m/w, and m/w4t. I'm going to write ads from every different perspective (I should qualify- legal perspectives), like, say today I'm a BBW, tomorrow I'm a twink, the next day I'm a tranny in need of some real love, the next I'm a Daddy who needs a good spanking, or whatever.
I'll pretend I'm that thing, and see what responses come back- and especially, I'll be looking for people who respond twice or three times with the same email address to different types of lover or different (even conflicting?) fetishes. I might even want to post the "best in category" responses I get in this space. Anonymously, of course. I would never rat out these people in real life (unless I just find out they are sick, sick bastards about to commit unspeakable crimes).

I guess you could say this is nothing but masterbatory theater for me, but whoever decides to respond, in whatever manner they decide to respond- it's their choice to respond, and I think it will be truly interesting. This idea came about because I was surfing craigslist the other night, and I clicked on "Strictly platonic", only to find that most people don't even know the meaning of the word "platonic". There were all kinds of thinly veiled attempts at romantic and sexual overtones. One dude even put a photo of his well-endowed manhood up there. I flagged it down, not because it wasn't a good-looking cock, but because I was so tired of dumbasses who were obviously posting in the wrong category.
I thought, if they'll get this blatant in a supposedly innocent forum, I wonder how much crazier they'll get in the forums for direct sexual requests?

Pretty crazy, it turns out. There was a gay gay who just wanted free daily blowjobs, ball massaging and rimming, with "no reciprocation, ever." strangely, he didn't use any language to indicate a Dom/sub relationship, though. The tone was just like, 'I'm a plain vanilla gay guy who wants my cock sucked every day, and I never want to give back to you. Just do it.'
I was like, huh, yeah, buddy, and I want a million dollars in a paper sack, but hey, we all got wants. Asshole. I'm not even gay, and I just felt sorry for whatever poor responding twink will never get the reach-around.

People have absolutely no shame - and no fear, apparently, either. It's one thing to be a horny, lonely woman. It's another thing altogether to use the double-blindness of the internet to invite complete strangers to fill your wet and empty holes.
I mean- you have no idea who you'd be inviting--
But the thing that made me the MOST curious was, who are the people who respond? At least if you're the poster, you have some control over the situation.
If you're the respondent, though- I mean, shit, you could be walking into a sketchy porn film, unwanted drug addiction, date rape or snuff film trap and not know it.
It's what is in the mind of the respondent that intrigues me- what drives people to say, YES, I don't know who you are, and you could be a cannabalistic pediophilic serial killer, but please use me for sex!

I mean, do people just not think about these things?

I'm sort of guessing they don't.
Which is why I have the burning desire to bait them mercilessly like the gullible marks they are, so I can pick their brains a little.
(what! I'll do it... nicely... they most likely will be unaware that they've just been "secret shopped".)
Evil? Err...probably. Maybe even a little creepy? yeah, I guess. But it's not like I have the power, or even the actual desire, to really fuck with their lives in any significant way.
I just want to do a little innocent trolling.
See, it's... like hunting, except without the sticky situation of needing to take home the prey I've caught (or leave them for nightclub roadkill).
I think it'll be fun, mildly wicked, but mostly pretty harmless.

So, yeah. Masterbatory theater at worst, interesting social experiment at best. I'm obviously overthinking this, because sex is just a primal urge- I mean, who can ever definitively untangle the random threads of motivation that ultimately turn us on? I guess the truth is, we're all just hard-wired to be turned on by something-- Mother Nature saw to that so we wouldn't die out in the first five minutes of creation.
But I want to see what that "something" is. Is that so bad?
Awwh, fuck it. I'm not gonna defend it. I don't have to. I'm doing this basically... because I can. Because society has presented me this forum, and I intend to make use of it.

So there. :P


... you know you want to read my "best in category" response posts. Bitch. Don't even try to deny it. Just watch this space.


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