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Birthdate:Feb 19
You know what they say about silent waters...

Okay. Honestly? This is my 'hidden' journal where I talk about things I can't really express other places, because people I know might read it.
I don't care if strangers read it, because you don't know me and you can't judge me.
I will probably end up talking about sex a lot. And I also write rather awful poetry-- I'm quite the fanciful hack. If either of these things offends you, please don't read my journal.

A little bit about me:
I am an incredibly sexual person who often ends up with no outlet for my desires. It's not that I'm repressed, exactly-- On the contrary, I have a fully developed sexual nature.
I just don't ever have any place appropriate to express it, because 1) my man is currently far, far away, and 2) privacy, honor, and ettiquette are also concepts that are rather important to me. So, I'm not one of those 'in-your-face' type girls. I'm more of the the quintessential nun-in-the-kitchen, whore-in-the-bedroom type girl.
You could say I'm a bit old-fashioned, that way.
I don't wear my sexuality on my sleeve. But if you've earned my trust, I will give you everything.
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