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...he shags me into next Tuesday and we're high on happy intimacy hormones for like, the 3rd day in a row now. After not having any sex for like 3 weeks (but in that time we both got sick for two weeks and I had a shitty period, and I was getting pretty horngry, if that's even a thing. And if "hangry" can be A Thing, I'm sure "horngry" can also be A Thing), we finally shagged each other rotten. And then we haven't done it again since then because, well, we, uh, wore ourselves OUT, son. Not that we haven't been thinking about it... I can tell because he's been kissing me a lot and giving me the mischievous side-eye, haha. But... ow.

I can't believe his stamina with this 69'ing shit. I can't believe he even suggests it in the first place, and then, I can't believe it works with me on top because I'm a big girl, and then... I can't believe he's so good at it, and just never seems to get tired- I mean...I'm just going to put this out there- I love sucking his cock, and I'm getting pretty good at it, and I will suck his cock as long as I can push myself, especially if he's returning the oral pleasure favor right in the moment because, ohmyghoddd- and even so, my mouth is pretty torn up from me covering my teeth with my lips because we went so long, my jaw started giving out, which means teeth start contacting penis skin, which means I have to protect those contact patches from friction somehow, kind of curling my lips under to soften it- anyway, you get the idea. It was over an hour. I am not a masochist, but I was enjoying the good of it so much that I was willing to push through the pain of it. My hips and rotator cuffs are just constantly sore now, and my neck muscles are a giant knot of "fuck you!" I can't even lick nutella off my toast knife without waves of pain right now, all my licking and sucking musculature and skin contact areas are so f'ing sore. (don't look at me in that tone of voice, you know you lick nutella off your utensils too.)


I regret nothing. :)
#firstworldproblems #vigorousfuckingishealthy #honeybadgerdontcare

Also he's been super fun and flirty these last two days since then. Heavy mood: lifted.
It's such a relief for both of us I think. We've been having problems sleeping/waking up at any consistent time of day or night, and staying asleep once we do fall asleep, but it's been slightly better, since the Day Of Sex. I think we might be syncing back up.
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